New update available !

Run update.exe to install latest fixes

Fixed some lag-issue
Added protection System against non-genuine origin Auto-Attack packets
Added integrated system preventing a spoof of Hardware ID in packet

Fixed Event Notification Icon target gates
Fixed decreasing Mana/Life amount received after monster kill when using multiple items with this option
Fixed improperly managed required items for Icarus Move
Fixed loot item ownership after drop for Monster Group Regen System (top hit user is the owner now)
Fixed Imperial Guardian entry count issue
Fixed paralyze and Immobility effect of selected skills apply in cerian scenario
Fixed selection of master skills requiring bow in hand to apply the skill effect
Fixed improperly managed excellent options count for drop of Wings
Fixed not working multi DropAllow sections in Item Bags

Blocked Period items from use in any sort of Chaos Machines etc
Fixed specified situations when Duration may disappear from the Period Item
Fixed character exp being set 0 when die while using Talisman of Protection
Fixed duplicated character view after reconnect (visual)
Fixed general drop issue
Fixed Chaos Castle mastery reward issues
Fixed issue with Excellent Option: Zen Drop Increase after Monster Kill

Posted 16 / 12 / 2016 By MuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.